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The French phrase, 'On Va Le Faire' translated to English means:  'We will do so'.

At  On Va Le Faire, we believe that there are no limits to the design of a solution and that an effective solution goes much further than what you can see, touch, or merely look at.

Owner, Julie Wheat has 20+ years of combined experience in a variety of disciplines including public building projects, budgeting, procurement, contract development and administration, brand and product development, art direction, interior design, photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, web, communication, and data technologies; contract administration, curriculum development, policy development, restoration, renovation, preservation, curating, museum installation, curriculum development and implementation. Ms. Wheat has worked as a professor in the Arts, in public, private, non-profit, and military sectors as well as in fashion, film, television, print, hospitality, and retail industries.  She has degrees in Fine Art, Education, Educational Technology, and Finance. She is certified as a Superintendent of Schools and Fine Art educator; both a Wendell Foundation and Getty Scholar, and former Fulbright candidate. She was a pioneer in both distance learning and itinerant work methods helping to brand and develop working standards for implementing them nationwide through the public education sector working with New York and Nevada States and Princeton University.  Her unique talents, educational background, and work experience ranging from the factory floor to the boardroom, combined with her Western New York upbringing with a family talented in renovation and restoration make the services available at 'On Va Le Faire' broad. Julie full well understands the opportunity for appearances, standards, efficiency, growth, and sustenance.  She ultimately values helping clients while also educating them so they can succeed with confidence and build their knowledge set.

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